Undergraduate research

Prof. Bajpayee is passionate about training undergraduate students in research. Every year, the lab hosts multiple UG students from various departments. These students work under the direct supervision of Ph.D. students or lead their independent projects in form of COOPs and Honors program. Many of our UG students have published first authors papers, presented at conferences like ORS, SFB, SB3C and BMES, and gone on to pursue higher STEM education. Several of our students have received prestigious awards including the Goldwater Scholarship, Churchill Scholarship, Huntington 100, Northeastern UG Research Creative Endeavor Award (URGCE), Department of Bioengineering research awards. Our lab also regularly hosts students from underrepresented minorities as part of the Undergraduate Program for Leaders In Future Transformation (UPLIFT) to gain biomaterials research experience and mentorship. 

We are excited to continue to train more UG students from around the world in our lab, so please reach out! 

High school students

Every summer, our laboratory hosts high school students as part of the Young Scholar Program (YSP) from across the nation to conduct hands on research in biomaterials and biomedical science. We regularly participate in the Building Bridges Program to engage students from high schools and local community colleges through the Northeastern Center for STEM Education. Off-campus, Prof. Bajpayee dedicates time during summers volunteering in rural India to develop programs for high school students and working with Akshaypatra, the world’s largest non-profit mid-day meal program serving lunch to 1.8 million children from low-income families. We are always eager to hear from young aspiring scientists and engineers who are keen to make a technical and social impact globally!

Representative high school students

Salima Amiji | Pharmaceutical science, Northeastern University

Lily Shi | Bioengineering, Northeastern University 

Atharva Patki | Bioengineering, Case Western Reserve University

Aryan Mitta | Electrical and Computer Science, NYU

Zeba Iqbal | Bioengineering, Saint Louis University

Craig Pentland | To be determined!

Prof. Bajpayee presenting a distinguished lecture on her work on developing a gastro-retentive once-a-month oral pill as part of National Engineers’ Week at Northeastern in 2020. She organized a hands-on workshop for undergraduate and high school students to optimize the geometry of a polymer cutout device such that it could fit into the smallest sized gelatin capsule, which when placed in water would dissolve and allow the device to open-up into a star shaped structure. 

Intra-American Scientific Exchange Program

Supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF), Prof. Bajpayee has developed the IASEP program that aims to use scientific exchange between students at Northeastern University and Midwestern and Southern schools to bridge the current societal divide and enable appreciation of diverse thought and opportunities within the United States.

If you’re interested in learning more about this program, please contact us!